The essence of a person is even more detailed than that of a flower, plant or bark. We’re playing with different chemistry levels and we as humans are ever-evolving and changing. The custom consultation with Taylor EyeWalker takes all aspects of your being into careful consideration. Aromas and the emotions are in complete synergy with one another. So we consider what’s going on in the emotional body, physical body,intentions and manifestations as well as favorites seasons, art, colors, literature and preferences in coffee, tea, or spices. All of the details matter when creating a stylized scent just for you! Taylor’s objective is to create a distinctive formula that resonates with the individual.

Designing the fragrance is a process that requires patience and precision. Each essence is carefully selected. The formula is then crafted, perfected, given time to age and charge on a crystal grid and under sacred geometry. The perfume is named according to the inspirations revealed in the consultation. Once the client approves the titled formula, the fragrance is soon prepared along with a description of its theme, inspiration, qualities of healing and energetic enhancement.

Consultations may be done on skype or telephone, however the preferred consultation process is in person seated in a lovely little healing sanctuary in Topanga, CA.