EyeWalker is consciously crafting botanical perfumes without synthetic chemically based aromas or alcohol. Taylor creates unique mixtures of botanical alchemies to produce an aesthetic aura that evokes personal beauty and attraction. By allowing natural perfumes to work with an individual’s body chemistry the individual layers of scent play to create a new aroma for each and every person! Inspired by the ancient tradition of apothecary alchemy, EyeWalker Elements has taken this ancient wisdom to a whole new level! Our organic perfumes are created for pleasure, health, healing and deeper connection to the planet. The botanicals in EyeWalker Elements perfumes have a long history of use for reducing stress, enhancing spiritual moods, increasing mental alertness, heightening erotic pleas-ure, inspiring creativity, balancing the emotions & hormonal system and opening the heart. In a world full of synthetic chemically based perfumes, we are here to support you in the world’s most sophisticated ingredients and the elements nature gave us.

By infusing crystal essences and resins into our oils it allows the healing frequency of these crystals to activate within your perfumes. I believe in the synergy of crystals and botanical oils, together they create an active vibrational shift you can feel. We begin the infusions of the prescribed crystals on the new moon, they are activated under a golden triangle within a crystal grid to direct the energy into these oils. This alchem-ical process is paired and completed with sacred prayers and blessings from rituals in the amazon jungle to the worship of the goddess.

Smelling amazing, is merely a bonus!